Financial Planners

Align yourself with something different and make your clients feel special in the process.

At Royston Capital, we enjoy supporting individual financial planners and groups by bringing the rich family office heritage and knowledge to products and services that will help them add greater value to their clients.

Through our guidance and advice, financial advisers are able to determine the right Royston Capital portfolio for your clients and provide you with easy access to them via third party providers. The Royston Capital portfolios can be constructed based on your dealership requirements with an investment mandate that meets your group’s unique investment philosophy.

As a Financial Planner you already know the benefits of using an SMA to manage your client’s investment portfolios. The challenge is finding the right manager who is aligned to you as a Financial Planner and to your client’s best interests. Our view is that the big investment houses cannot provide the personalised service you and your client's desire. Their investment philosophy is aligned to their risk and reputational management.

Royston Capital has a family office background, not institutional, and we invest as you would expect a family office to. We have high conviction to our investment philosophy and the investments we hold. Importantly for you and your clients we are able to clearly articulate why we hold each and every investment so that you too are on the same wealth journey with us.

“When investing in Australian equities we look for companies that demonstrate real Market Opportunities for Profitable Products or Services with Competitive Advantages and Barriers to Entry. The first elements make a business possible, the last elements make it a good and enduring business; without these, competitors enter to drive costs up and prices down ultimately eroding the company’s competitive advantage.”

The Royston Capital SMA’s can be made available on a third party platform of your choice. We offer both

  • Royston Capital portfolios; or,
  • Your own investment mandate

We currently offer a variety of portfolios including those below:

  • Core Australian Equities
  • Self-Funding Instalment Portfolio
  • Interest bearing Securities
  • Australian REIT and Infrastructure Fund (ARIF)

Align yourself with something different and make your clients feel special in the process.

The track record at Royston Capital for managing a range of portfolios with a mix of asset allocation has seen a return that historically has outperformed others in the market.

Royston Capital also provides advisors with no constraint to their own investment module accessible via our wholesale discretionary portfolio or through other third party providers. Please contact us for the current list of third party providers.

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