Private Client Investment Services

At Royston Capital we offer investment advice in a style and delivery method that suits your requirements


We will work with you to set the overall family wealth objectives and investment strategy. The investment strategy will be agreed with you and reviewed on an annual basis and may include equities, fixed income securities, managed funds, property syndication and derivatives. We will provide regular investment reporting and annual audits of the portfolio for your compliance. The discretionary nature of the portfolio allows us to act efficiently on opportunities as they happen within the framework of the agreed investment strategy.


We will wok in conjunction with you but ultimately guide most decisions. The investment strategy will be agreed with you and reviewed on an annual basis and may include equities, fixed income securities, managed funds and property syndication. Ongoing communication between parties is critical for the effective implementation of recommendations. You and your family will be able to evaluate opportunities based on our advice and education. We will meet with you on an agreed basis to review proposed transactions, recent agreed transactions and other activities.


If you and your family wish to retain absolute control, we are able to provide general and ad-hoc advice. This style of service is reactive to your requests and market activity.

SIV - Significant Investor Visa

In 2012 the Australian Government announced the introduction of the Significant Investor Visa (SIV). The Visa is designed to attract overseas investment and provide a streamlined pathway to permanent residence in Australia for business people from around the world.

Royston Capital is a provider of investment advice and can assist clients with the establishment of appropriate investment structures under Australian law. Our family office heritage equips us with the experience and ability to coordinate all the necessary services and advice to maintain your compliance with the SIV requirements.

If you are applying for a Significant Investor Visa 188 you will need to invest at least AUD$5 million. Royston Capital can assist with your investment obligations which must comply with the strict regulations.

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Our Service

  1. We will invest and manage your portfolio

We will invest and manage your portfolio for the best risk and return outcomes within the framework of the SIV 188 program. This will ensure your investment remains compliant and ultimately an efficient conversion to Australian Residency.

  1. We will keep you up to date

We will provide you with regular meeting and portfolio updates so you can track your investment performance.

  1. Connect you with experts

We will connect you with an Australian Migration Lawyer and an Australian Taxation Accountant to ensure your Australian compliance obligations are met.

  1. Pro-active management

We will pro-actively manage your investment and compliance obligations. We do this by setting an Annual Calendar of Events to ensure your obligations are met.

  1. Improve your Australian financial knowledge

Australia’s tax and financial laws are different to other countries. It’s important that you understand how the systems work so that you avoid miss-steps.

At the end of the SIV investment period you will become an Australian Resident.

Meetings are offered in person but can be arranged via video conference from our boardroom.

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Are you looking to establish a family legacy? Or perhaps you are seeking to involve the next generation of your family in wealth management while fostering your family values. Establishing a co-ordinated and structured philanthropic program may be right for you.

Chris Boag, Director of Royston Capital, has held positions with Melbourne Community Foundation (now Australian Communities Foundation) and worked with a number of Private Ancillary Funds.

Royston Capital can assist with the following:

  1. Discovery
  • Establishing the goals and objectives of your philanthropic giving.
  • Discovering your community interests.
  • Can philanthropy be a mechanism for passing on your family values?
  • Are you interested in giving in perpetuity?
  1. Structuring

There are many ways to give but getting the structure right can make it easy and facilitate giving over a longer period of time. We can assist with the establishment of the appropriate structure including:

  • Purpose, goals and objectives
  • Establishment of Trustee and the Trust Deed (if required)
  • Deductible Gift Recipient endorsement (if required)
  • Opening of a bank account (if required)
  1. Grant making

Grant making is the most important and most rewarding part of a well-structured philanthropic program.

  • Minimum grant / distribution requirements are met each year
  • reviewing eligible organisations
  • Grant activity is consistent with your philanthropic objectives.
  1. Philanthropic community

We will connect you with the philanthropic community so that you can learn more about new projects and what other likeminded philanthropists are doing.

  1. Pro-active Compliance and Investment

Through the use of your personalised Calendar of Events we will pro-actively ensure you meet your compliance and investment objectives:

  • Establishment of review of the Investment Mandate
  • Tax compliance
  • Annual compliance plan and pre 30 June checklist to ensure adherence with the Philanthropic Guidelines (if using a private ancillary fund)

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